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Our services guarantee an increase in the productivity of your Import department. There is no need for excessive investment with manpower, training, travel, research, etc.
Use your valuable time in the best possible way, Wohlers will take care of developing products and Suppliers for your company! Our Sourcing service allows you to focus on your own business and on other tasks, ensuring your productivity increases.
We relieve your cash flow and give our financial department a break! We offer deadline negotiation consulting with current and new suppliers! No need for anticipation! Ask us how!
Tax Consulting. Maximize the earnings of your products while saving on federal and municipal tax collection !.
Focus on your business, Wohlers will keep them properly supplied safely and efficiently in any mode.
Transactions with consenting bodies (MAPA, ANVISA, ARMY, INMETRO) to make the operation a success!
All the investment made protected door-to-door.
Companies selected to meet your needs quickly and efficiently!
Training for all staff, including managers, to maximize financial results.
Increase your billing with a larger market to explore Contact us to find out how.

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For Wohlers Cargo quality is the key. therefore, we got quialified and prepared professionals to do the best for your company.

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